With  our vast industry experience and access to long established domestic and international networks, your business will be well equipped to tackle the challenge of international purchasing, supply and logistics

COMPLETE SHIPPING CONSULTANTS  consider themselves an extension of your business without the constrictive elements of managing your own logistics department and the expensive overheads of traveling costs. 

All freight forwarders and logistics providers have regional strength’s and weaknesses and large variances in freight costs can be experienced between regions and organisations.

Using COMPLETE SHIPPING CONSULTANTS You benefit by allowing us to manage your logistics providers from region to region which can save you literally $1000s on your annual freight bill !!




Given the emergence and recent domination by NE / SE Asian countries in global export markets, it’s no surprise that COMPLETE SHIPPING CONSULTANTS core business activities concentrate on countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea but not exclusively, we are able to access markets globally.

COMPLETE SHIPPING CONSULTANTS  are here to help you solve your problems and reduce your freight transportation costs. We work for you and obtain the best freight rates in the market place and provide the service levels to match.

 Call us today to discuss how we can become  "Your Co-Pilot in International Trade"  








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